Work in progress

Please contact me for current drafts

  • Illegal commodities and state violence in Peru's internal conflict (with Angelica Durán Martínez) (article manuscript)

  • Surveying state capacity (with Juan Pablo Luna)

    • Capturing subnational variation in state capacity (article manuscript)

    • What can we learn about state capacity from surveys? (conference paper)

  • What is a shadow case, and what is it good for? (article manuscript)

  • Choosing units of analysis: the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem in political science (book manuscript in progress)

  • The Indigenous Inheritance: Critical Antecedents and State-Building in Latin America and Southeast Asia (with Dan Slater)(R&R)

  • The military as institution and organization: evidence from 19th century Chile (data collection in progress)

  • Selecting into schooling: state-building and societal resistance (data collection in progress)