Data for published work and work in progress. Please contact me with any questions.


Peru Educational Census, 1902

  • District-level data (.xls) (n=742) on population, male literacy rate, school enrollment, and ethnic composition from the only national census conducted in Peru between 1876 and 1940.
  • Scan of census document (28mb pdf)

If you use this data, please cite Soifer, Hillel David (2013) ‘Elite Preferences, Administrative Institutions, and Educational Development During Peru’s Aristocratic Republic 1895-1919’ in Miguel Centeno and Agustín Ferraro, eds. State and Nation Making in Latin America and Spain: Republics of the Possible (Cambridge University Press) Chapter Twelve pp.247-269.


Global database of Census administration, 1945-2005

Data formerly available online from the US Census Bureau, listing every census conducted worldwide 1945-2005, and those scheduled through 2014. I have used this list of every census in the world to calculate a measure of state capacity based on the regularity of census administration, using the methods described in the article listed below. This Excel file (.xls) was originally downloaded from the United States Census Bureau website at but the link now redirects to a new page at the Census Bureau, at which the complete set of censuses is no longer available. Therefore, I have made it available for other scholars.

If you use this data, please cite Soifer, Hillel David (2013) ‘State Power and the Redistributive Threat’ Studies in Comparative International Development vol.48 #1 (March) pp.1-22. (note the erratum published in vol.51 #4 pp.530-538, which includes the full replication data for the paper, including this data.)